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14oz Swig Glass - Copper Patina

offering premium drinkware with women in mind. The company’s cups, tumblers and bottles rely on the same insulation technology that keeps other stainless steel hydration vessels cold or hot - including vacuum insulation, stainless steel double-walls and copper-coated linings. But Swig Life™ differs from its competitors with its creative and appealing designs. Swig Life™ offers more shapes, sizes and color choices than anyone else on the market, but what really sets them apart is their insulated stainless steel stemless wine cup – a Swig Life™ original creation that took the marketplace by surprise!

“Wine and wine accessories are very on trend right now and there was no stainless steel insulated stemless wine cup on the market - so we created one Swig’s stemless wine cup is an inventive, portable way to enjoy wine at the perfect temperature – indoors or outdoors."

Take a Swig in style with our super popular 14oz Insulated Stemless Wine Cup! Swig Vacuum Insulated technology will keep your white wine the perfect kind of cold while you sit out at the pool on a hot summer day, or your coffee hot if you need just one little steamy cup of joe to start your day off right. These beauties can hold up to 14oz - that's two standard glasses of wine!


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