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2018 Jalapeño Noir

Pinot Noir
St. David's Bench
Bottle size
750 mL

The party begins with the mild scent of cured leather first in the door. It continues as you take a sip and juicy, wild strawberries start breakdancing across your palate. Warm spices mingle pleasantly with the crowd, cracking jokes. That’s when you’ll hear the fresh cherries whispering in your ear. They’ll say, “fancy party, is everyone invited?” And you’ll be like, “no, it’s kind of an exclusive guest list.” They’ll think that’s pretty cool. Everybody will be wearing velvet. It’ll be awesome.

And that’s when the guest of honour will arrive. The Toasted Cheesy Chalupa gilded with six-month-aged cheddar toasted onto its crispy outer shell and filled with seasoned beef, fresh veggies, a cheesy blend and sour cream. Only a celebration of this high caliber would be appropriate for such a culinary triumph. And a celebration it will surely be.

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